Who We Are:

Faculty, staff, retired faculty, parents and community members dedicated to recognizing and encouraging academic achievement and learning for all K-12 students in the Marcellus School District.



Marcellus Academic Club started in 1998 as a small community group attempting to become more involved in our children's education, and how to recognize our graduating seniors, especially those who had consistently maintained honor/high honor roll status throughout high school.


Our efforts were so successful that our mission has since expanded to

include supporting, encouraging, and recognizing academic achievements and

learning for all students from grades K-12.

K.C.H. Elementary

Driver Middle School

Senior High School


  • Provide monies for various purchases (art display panels, mobile book shelving unit, coloring books for incoming kindergarteners, reproducible handout  masters on How to Help Your Child With Homework.
  • Provide monies for various programs as requested including Book Club, PARP books, and reading awards.


  • Supplimental finding for programs as requested by faculty.
  • Award Academic letters and pins to honor/high honor roll students in 8th grade.
  • Award Step-Up Awards to 7th and 8th graders who improve their average by 5 points each quarter.
  • Donate 3 books each to DMS Library and Marcellus Free Library to honor academic excellence in grades 4-6.
  • Provide for various purchases and money donations (i.e., Fine Arts Department donation: Borrow Bags; Science Olympiad books; supplies for 6th grade hydroponics unit)
  • Host reception for Junior National Honor Society Induction
  • Financing new microscopes using MAC's Science Lab donations.
  • Supplemental funding for programs as requested by faculty, (ex. music and instruments, transportation for special events, science lab equipment, Science Olympiad, etc.
  • Funding for the purchase of two Nook Color E-Readers for the Library.
  • Sponsors Step-Up awards for students in grades 9-12 whoimrove their GPA by 5 points or more each quarter.
  • Host Honors Banquet for seniors who consistently maintain honor/high honor roll status.
  • Award grade-level MACademic pins to high honor roll students in grades 9-12.
  • Award Academic Distinction Award (cash& book) to 2 seniors with highest cumulative grade point averages.
  • Help sponsor "The Admissions Game"
  • Host receptions for National Honor Society Induction and High School Academic & Service Award Ceremony.
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